Save Mr. Gasoline! - A one man roadshow.

Save Mr. Gasoline! A one man roadshow.

1. About me

My name is Coen Aerts. If there's one thing I picked up from my education as historian it is the message of Huizinga's Homo Ludens. About the essence of playfullness in culture and society. Now, 'playing'is what I like to do best and sharing that seems to make people want to play along! Here's my recent story in a nutshell: 

2016 was a tough year for me. My father and two close friends died, my five year relationship came to an end and I had to leave my job at the TV.

2017 was transformative. Emotions hit the surface and every cell in my body craved for adventure, leaving everything behind and enjoying life in its purest form. I fused my passions biking and performing, created THE GASOLINE BAR and drove to Norway and Spain.

2018 will get me even further.. You might help to reach that goal!

2. About Mr. Gasoline

THE GASOLINE BAR is an interactive performance installation based on Mr. Gasoline and his motor-bar-dancing-karaoke-slotmachine mobile named HORNY.

Mr. Gasoline might be the most sleezy, cheecky and charming weirdo you'll ever meet. He invites people into his reality and thereby makes them confortable trespassing their own comfort levels. Put anything into his little slotmachine and you might win the jackpot! A ticket for the route 69 - a ride on  HORNY with some motor oil of course, No jackpot for you? You'll get a prize anyway; a shot of organic energy-drink bases on Guayusa - his Gasoline!

3. About the crowdfund

Although performing is my work, it is also my life, my passion. I'd be happy to perform up to 30 hours on Nowhere and Boom festival 2018 without being payed for my art. The love it creates in return is priceless! Still I simply don;t have the recources at the moment to cover all the costs below by my self. Boom will cover some expences though, just enough to get there.

This is what I need

  • New brakes, tires and maintainance = €550
  • New locks for my cases = 177
  • Safety attachement set for cases due to heavy load = €105
  • Gasoline for 5000 km = €600
  • Toll payments in France, Spain and Portugal = €300
  • 30l Gasoline-energy-drink + 14l vodka = €700
  • Total costs = €2432 > Round up €2500!

This is what I'll do

  • Travel up to 5000 km on HORNY
  • Brewing at least 30l of Gasoline-energy-drink
  • Performing 30 hours or more
  • Give away x-number of Route 69 Jackpot-lapdances
  • Post a live, online GASOLINE-TIME morning workout glog (gasoline-vlog) every day of my journey to keep you energised
  • Post a glog about Mr. Gasoline's adventures to keep you inspired every other day.

This is what you get by supporting me

  • €0: you'd already be of great support sharing this crowdfund to friends! Mr. Gasoline will shout out to you in one of his glogs (Gasoline vlog).
  • €0: invite Mr. Gasoline for dinner at Nowhere festival. He needs food too! In return he will give you a hug, kiss or more..
  • €25: a thank you postcard by Mr. Gasoline in your mailbox.
  • €150: a 'HORNY' taxi pick-up by Mr. Gasoline (travel costs not included)
  • €350: a striptease on location by Mr. Gasoline (travel costs not included)
  • €450: a sleepover in Mr. Gasoline's tent at Nowhere or BOOM festival 2018.
  • €750: The Boyfriend Experience' by Mr. Gasoline; a full day of artificial love.
  • €1500: THE GASOLINE BAR on your event.  (travel costs not included)

IMPORTANT: by supporting me you'll receive an email by Yeee-haaa with my payment details (bank transfer). So please check your mail and make the payment directly to me without middle man :)!

More info about my work:



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Brigitte Kalkhoven

Mr. Gasoline surprised me last KingsDay @NDSM and I just still can't quite comprehend what the F I witnessed; true authentic mind blowing talent at his own mobile stage that's just awesome into every tiny detail; go fuel the world!
Gedoneerd : 01-05-2018, 11:04:27
€ 25,00


Goed Bezig!
Gedoneerd : 20-05-2018, 19:33:06
€ 0,00

Marjan van Loon

Natuurlijk wil ik een donatie doen ????
Gedoneerd : 04-06-2018, 09:29:05
€ 10,00

Marjan van Loon

Natuurlijk wil ik een donatie doen ????
Gedoneerd : 04-06-2018, 09:39:20
€ 10,00

Jacqueline Loman

Gedoneerd : 05-06-2018, 11:47:34
€ 20,00


Gedoneerd : 07-06-2018, 16:58:39
€ 150,00

Ed Koevoet

Gedoneerd : 09-06-2018, 09:30:25
€ 25,00

Coen Aerts

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Invite Mr. Gasoline for dinner on Nowhere and get a hug!

After a day of performing Mr. Gasoline needs food! Share a dinner with him and he'll share his kindness!

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